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BEEF - Always wanted to try Murray Grey beef? If you are interested in naturally raised beef (no hormones, antibotics and natural feed), we often have beef animals for sale. We can sell these animals "on the hoof" (live weight) or "on the rail" (hanging weight). We arrange delivery to one of several local facilities for processing. This facility will package up the beef just like you want it and call you when it is ready for pickup. We sell the whole animal, so it makes sense to get a few friends or family together.

AVAILABLE SPRING/SUMMER 2010 - preconditioned fall 2009 steer calves - We have 10 extra nice steer calves, healthy weaned, vaccinated and ready to go. These are purebred Murray Grey steers who will forage efficiently and produce an exceptional carcass. No implants, no hormones. Just pure quality beef animals. Our pricing generally tracks the current market pricing for steers. We also have a gorgeous Freemartin who is available as a beef animal. Some folks insist there is no better beef than that from a Freemartin.

SHOW AND MARKET STEERS: If you are interested in raising a young steer for either 4H, FFA or for your own use, we generally have nice animals available. We also have couple of exceptional Club Calves born either Fall 2008 or Spring 2009. These guys can be winners in the ring. You get assurance of quality, health and managability that comes from our management program and the excellent temperament of a Murray Grey. Just ask our FFA and 4H kids what they think of their Murray Greys! They tell us "Murray Greys Rule!"

If you are are interested in either beef or steers, our stock changes fairly regularly so it is best to contact us by phone (925-456-4774) or email: ranch@eaglesrun.com

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