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Semen from quality Murray Grey bulls is offered for sale by Eagles Run Ranch. All bulls qualify for the AMGA "Approved Sires" program though we have found that reference site does not update regularly. Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring Murray Grey semen for your AI program. Our stock changes fairly regularly so it is best to contact us by phone (925-456-4774) or email ranch@eaglesrun.com. We prefer to sell in minimum lots of 5 straws. Prices listed are per straw.

We currently have available semen from the following bulls:

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Name/ID Price Color
Lindale Hobo $20 Black Willalooka Power An ultra low birthweight Murray Grey bull, Hobo is perfect for heifers and fine for cows. He produces excellent females many of which can be seen on our Murray Grey Cattle | donor pages. His progeny are super efficient and have good structure.
WCC Freightliner $35 Silver Temar Lotus This bull is a trait leader for milk and growth with tremendous muscle and smoothness. His female progeny are excellent foundation females. Best over cows.
Eagles Run Lycaon 340T $25 Silver Yamba Werewolf This bull has an imposing stature, heaps of growth and superb thickness. A nice mix of fresh genetics. Suitable for cows.
Eagles Run Luxor 415U $25 Silver Willalooka Pharaoh Super moderate with thickness and performance built in, well suited to grassfed operations. Perfect over heifer or cows.
The Glen Manuel S214 $25 Dark Grey Willalooka Manuel M79 Australian bull with excellent growth, carcass and IMF numbers. A perfect choice for producing big, beefy steers. Best over cows.
Eagles Run Quest 363T (ET) $25 Black Bundaleer X Road A great combination of growth, performance and maternal strengths in a single bull. Suitable for cows but we have used him with great success over heifers.
Willalooka Pharaoh P47 $45 Silver Willalooka Leopold L192 Australian Murray Grey bull with exceptional and proven performance. This bull has over 600 performance-tested progeny and international recognition as a top Murray Grey bull. Great over cows or heifers.
Eagles Run Tor 359T (ET) $25 Dark Grey Willalooka Pharaoh Moderate bull out of exceptional female line. Great growth and structure. Good for cows or well framed heifers.
Keighlian's Wensleydale $20 Silver Newfields Masterpiece Australian Murray Grey bull who produces thick, well-framed progeny. Best over cows.
Meljay's Mr. Nice Guy $20 Dark Grey Keighlians Pendelton Lad N2 Australian dark Murray Grey bull with limited progeny in the US. A good choice for heifers.
Eagles Run Iron Cross 347T (ET) $20 Black Bundaleer X Road A bull with from a great genetic combination of excellent growth, structure, milk and strong maternal characteristics. Suitable for cows
Eagles Run Just Because 209P $20 Dark Grey Skinner Mr. 96 Murray Grey bull who has produced excellent calves. He is long and balanced with the right combination of size and traditional Murray Grey strengths. Just Because has an exceptional temperament. Best over cows or mature heifers.
Banksia Ridge Zorro Z7 $45 Silver Willalooka Thug Semen imported from Australia where Zorro has superior metrics and ranks very high in the Heavy Grass Fed Index. Low birthweight and good gain. Perfect for heifers or cows.
Lerwick Park Zeppelin $45 Silver Lerwick Park Wrangler Zeppelin's semen imported from Australia by us. His progeny have great gain and size. If you are looking to add some size to your Murray Grey herd, he is a great choice.
Eagles Run Xpress 471 $25 Dark Grey Bundaleer X Road X37 Out of super moderate traditional Murray Grey female, Sweet Dream, by X Road. Best backend ever on this moderate, thick bull. Flat and wide as a table across the top.
Eagles Run Lobo $25 Silver Yamba Werewolf Good all around bull with great temperament and nice genetic package. Great over cows or well-framed, mature heifers.
Eagles Run Xterra 505Y $25 Dark Grey Bundaleer X Road X37 Full brother to Xpress 471 because we were so impressed with Xpress. Xterra is a bit taller with good length and thickness. Awaiting test results before submission to AMGA for Sire List. If that does not matter to you, he is available now.

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