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Eagles Run Ranch has a successful embryo program. Our success rate with embryo implant is about 75% - meaning that 75% of our embryo implants result in live, healthy calves. We believe this is one of the quickest ways to improve consistency and make genetic strides.

We have a small group of exceptional females we use as embryo donors. These are all animals who have outstanding structure, performance and temperament. On the sire side, we use bulls who not only are exceptional Murray Greys, but who have traits which compliment the attributes of the donor female.

The main picture on this page is Eagles Run Lavender Cotton 179N, who is one of our donor females. We apologize for the picture as she was slogging through mud - but what can I say, we live in Northern California

We may have frozen embryos for sale but the embryo bank is pretty empty due to a run on embryos last year. We are willing to do custom flushes and have several pricing models.

We flush donor cows about every three to six months and use many of the embryos in our own program. We will consider a custom flush if you have a particular mating in mind. If you are interested in taking advantage of our embryo program, contact us by phone (925-456-4774) or email ranch@eaglesrun.com

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