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With both spring calving and fall calving groups, we wind up running the cattle through the chute pretty often. Extensive use of AI and embryo implant as well as a rigorous herd health program require our cattle be handled regularly. Additionally, we take blood samples on all newborn calves for PI testing and record birth, 205 day and 365 day weights.

The side benefit is that our cattle are used to the chute and the squeeze and generally exit in a calm and relaxed manner. Having the right equipment makes a lot of difference for safe and controlled handling of these large animals. Investing in a Pearson chute and squeeze was a good choice for us. We can easily and safely contain a 100 lb calf, a 2500 lb bull and all the heifer/cow middle weight ranges. With side injection doors, we are able to easily access the neck area of the restrained animal.

Our weigh scale is equiped with Tru-Test HD load bars and weight indicator with a Powder River single animal scale rack unit. No matter how good we think we are at gauging the weight of an animal, there is no substitute for a professional weighing system. To have correct EPDs, you must have correct weights.


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