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Eagles Run Ranch riparian areas are home to California Quail, California black-tailed deer, badger, weasel, raccoon, skunks, opossums, migratory songbirds, fox, raptors and owls. Thankfully, no wild pigs have yet invaded the ranch. They will not be welcome.

Riparian ecosystems are the green ribbons of lush vegetation located adjacent to rivers, creeks, lakes, springs, and wetlands. In California, the increased moisture found in these areas produces unique plant communities that differ noticeably from surrounding pasture land.

Riparian areas provide important environmental benefits, including water, food and cover - the essentials for survival of local wildlife. Vegetation produces diverse habitat niches that meet the needs of many mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

In a landscape dominated by grassland, the native oaks and shrubs provide valuable cover. Brush associated with our riparian areas provide browse, nesting, perching, building materials and shade in the summer, and protection from cold and wind in the winter for all kinds of wildlife.

The two main tools employed by Eagles Run Ranch in riparian management are fencing and off-stream watering sites. The Andersons consider themselves stewards of the land, and they strive to ensure that the riparian areas are protected from the cattle for the benefit of the native wildlife.

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