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Based on the World's Best Bloodlines

Eagles Run Ranch puts consistent focus on continuous breed improvement to ensure that performance and production of our cattle meet the demanding requirements of the beef industry today.

Our femalesí lineage trace back to foundation Murray Grey sires noted for their temperament, performance and fertility. Many can be traced back to the Thologolong property which was the site of the beginnings of the Murray Grey breed in 1905. Names that would be familiar to breed aficionados such as Parnook Pelion, Cadella Park Minuteman, Lochaber-Braes Diplomat, Barragunda Atlas, Maneroo Gladiator and other influential sires pepper the lineage of our herd.

The picture above is Willalooka Unity U99, compliments of Malcolm and Debra Macdonald of Willalooka Pastoral Company.

Today, we focus on infusing Murray Grey genetics from superior animals whether those animals be from the US, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. We use on-the-ground performance as well as analytical performance measures to continue to improve the function, performance and structure of our cattle.

At Eagles Run Ranch we have made, and continue to make, significant investments in genetic improvements. Our continuous improvement methods include:

  1. Semen imports from the top Murray Grey bulls worldwide
  2. Rigorous standards of structure and performance of replacement females
  3. Extensive use of embryo implant from our top 10% proven females
  4. Accelerated genetics by consistently introducing heifers into our breeding herd
  5. Embryo imports from elite Murray Greys worldwide
  6. Progeny performance standards for our cow herd which prove excellence in growth, milk and temperament
  7. Measure and record each animals performance beginning at birth and continuing through its residence at our ranch

As the beef industry continues to adapt to consumer and production demands, all beef breeds have focused on improving traits of merit related to reproduction, carcass quality, growth and efficiency. Murray Greys have met these challenges as well but without some of the other undesirable traits such as unstable temperament, hard-to-finish animals and infertility that have plagued other breeds.

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