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Komondor [kom'undôr"](plural Komondorok)

In Hungary, the Komondor's reputation as trustworthy guardian of the flock has earned him the title "King of the Working Dogs." The Komondor is the largest of the Hungarian herding breeds and is thought to be of Asian origin descending from the dogs brought to Hungary by the Magyars in the 10th century. Recent evidence suggests that the Komondor was the guard dog used by Sumerian shepheards in the Tigris-Euphrates valley 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. Whatever its origins, it is one of the oldest European breeds of dogs, the guardian of herds and homes for centuries.

Out in the pastures the Komondor keeps vigil over the sheep which, at the first sign of danger, are said to converge behind their protector. The Komondor will fight any predator to the death. The Komondor's corded coat which is the hallmark of the breed is functional as well as unusual. It provides him with insulation against inclement weather and protects him from serious injury in fights. Traditionally the breed's chief work has been to guard sheep but it has been used successfully to herd cattle and in police work. The Komondor was introduced to this continent in the early 1930. In recent years sheep ranchers across the United States have been experimenting with using the Komondor to protect their flocks from coyotes, which are blamed for killing more than a million sheep per year. Results so far are excellent-losses have been sharply cut. 

Visit the Komondor.org website for a full history of the breed.

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