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At Eagles Run, we have had a number of Komondors. Each of them has been an important part of ranch life. Currently we have two Komondors, Aleeta and Bendeguz (Allie and Benny) who are integral to our ranch operations

Allie was born in 2002 and is vigorous and active. I have seen her chase a coyote straight up a long steep hill without stopping. She is the first to give voice if she hears anything out of the ordinary. She is suspicious of strangers, especially male, but thinks our vet is our most wonderful visitor. She has passed her OFA with a "Good."

Benny was born in 2005. He is very bold and self assured though he is smart enough to have learned that mother cows with young calves are dangerous. He has full of life and love for everything he believes is his, including the ranch cats who were his playmates when he was little. He has passed his preliminary OFA with an "Excellent."

Video of Benny Tormenting Allie
Allie Pedigree
Benny Pedigree

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